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Summer is the ideal time to head outside for activities and play sports. Increased activity after inactivity during the chillier winter months can lead to an increased risk of injury, put a strain on your body, and keep you stuck inside with pain. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation, our team provides physical therapy, orthopedic treatment, chiropractic care, and physical medicine to patients so they can feel their best all year round. Continue reading to learn more about common summer injuries and how physical therapy can help. 

Common Summer Injuries

  1. Shin Splints – Going for a run outside or playing basketball with friends makes for a good time, but a lot of high-impact activities can leave you with shin splints. Physical therapy can help you get back on your feet and feeling healthy with targeted exercises and massages to relieve pain. 
  2. Tennis Elbow – Tennis is a great sport to play during the summer, but if it’s your first time back on the court in a while, it can lead to some awkward movements in your elbows. Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that occurs on the outer ligaments of the elbow. Even if you don’t play tennis, you can still suffer from this injury. Physical therapy can help you recover from this injury and show you proper mechanics to avoid it in the future.
  3. Back Pain – Making strenuous movements after a period of inactivity can lead to strain in your back. Our physical therapists can show you helpful exercises to strengthen your back to prevent pain and improve your overall wellness. 
  4. Knee Injuries – The knee is the largest joint in the body and one of the most commonly injured ones. Physical therapy can manage everything from slight knee pain to a torn ACL. We’ll address your injury and implement the proper treatment to get you back on your feet. 
  5. Ankle Sprains – Summer activities can lead to painful ankle sprains if you are not careful. Physical therapy can help decrease swelling and restore your range of motion to get you back on your feet instead of staying stuck on the couch. 

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