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We see it every January; people try to come up with a resolution that will last the whole year. Some of the most popular New Year resolutions include saving money, getting more sleep, and eating healthier. By the third week, people realize their goals were unrealistic and had reverted back to their ways, a seemingly never-ending cycle. For most of us, It’s easy to stay comfortable and continue to indulge in your habits. When making a resolution, it’s important to focus on one specific thing rather than make a broad goal. For example, instead of saying you want to lose 30 pounds, say you want to eliminate soda from your diet which will, in turn, lead to weight loss. Being able to stay dedicated to your resolution is the most crucial factor in reaching your goals. Hopefully, with these tips, finding a resolution you can stick to this year won’t be quite as tricky.

Substitute Fatty Snacks Like Chips And Candy For Fruits And Vegetables

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will give you the opportunity to increase your calorie intake, and potentially leave you feeling more energized throughout the day. Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day is the recommended amount and can quickly help you lose weight. Although you might feel bloated at first from the high amount of fiber, that feeling will soon go away. The more you get used to eating healthy snacks, the less you will crave high-fat foods with no nutritional value.

Do A New Workout

Doing the same machines at the gym or the same workout video at home can get tiring quickly. It’s a lot more beneficial to your body to do a new workout because new muscles would be getting used. Getting a new workout plan would also teach you something new, and you might find something you love! Yoga, pilates, and CrossFit are just a couple of favorite workouts that gym-goers have been incorporating.

Try Meditation

Meditation allows your body to relax and your mind to take a break from daily stressors. Remember, It’s important to take a break from toxic situations to help increase your self-awareness. Meditation has a lot of benefits such as decreasing anxiety, lengthening your attention span, and leaving you feeling much happier. Meditating is also satisfying because you can essentially do it anywhere. You can sign up for classes at the gym or even do it in your living room! Clear your space of all distractions and try putting on relaxing music, such as a stream of water.

By making small, achievable goals, you can achieve big things! Remember to do everything day-by-day instead of thinking of the long-term results. Your resolutions should never feel impossible to achieve. These three tips can be a tiny-step to the achievement of your goals. At Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation, we can help you achieve your goals this year! Book an appointment with us if you are experiencing pain and would like to live a more active lifestyle.