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Back pain can cause more than discomfort; it can be debilitating and prevent you from doing the activities you love. When someone is suffering from back pain, a physician can be instrumental in providing pain relief. Depending on the nature of your back pain, you may be recommended chiropractic care, medication, or even surgery. However, surgery is often not necessary to treat back pain. In many cases, nonsurgical treatment is better for the patient in the long run. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best, noninvasive treatment options around. Visiting a Spine Specialist on Long Island like the professionals at Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation can help devise the best treatment plan for your back pain.

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How Can Chiropractic Help Prevent Surgery?

Some conditions that cause back pain can be treated without the need for surgery. Back pain is often caused by a misalignment of the vertebrae. A chiropractor can realign the vertebrae which can help reduce pain. If you want to know if your back pain can be treated without surgery, contact a Spine Specialist on Long Island at our facility today!

When A Chiropractor May Recommend Surgery

There are some injuries and conditions that a chiropractor may be unable to treat. In these cases, a chiropractor may recommend surgery if other noninvasive treatment methods prove to be ineffective. Conditions like these can include:

  • Bulging or herniated disks
  • Overgrowth of a bone as a result of osteoarthritis
  • Spinal fracture
  • An injury caused by osteoporosis
  • An injury caused by trauma
  • Nerve compression

Contact Our Spine Specialist on Long Island

Visiting a Spine Specialist on Long Island like the team at Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation may be the solution for your back pain. We have both an expert chiropractor and a spinal surgeon who are experienced professionals and can work with you to come up with the best possible treatment plan for your injury or condition. Contact our Spine Specialist on Long Island to begin your treatment today! 

    What is the Best Solution for Back Pain?

    Back pain is one of the most common complaints regarding physical ailments. It is so popular that at any given point, 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain. Do not be a part of this statistic! With a Spine Specialist on Long Island, you can find relief from your back pain by utilizing non-invasive chiropractic treatment

    Facts about back pain:

    • As of 2010, the Global Burden of Disease identifies back pain as the most common cause of disability. You’re not alone in your disability; many others are living with back pain as well.
    • Of all working Americans, half have reported recurrent or severe back pain.
    • 80% of the entire population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.
    • Most causes of back pain are not caused by illness or disease such as cancer, arthritis, or fracture. 
    • Back pain can be significantly reduced with chiropractic treatment! 

    Types of pain and treatmentSpine specialist on Long Island

    There are a handful of different pain descriptors in reference to back pain. The following list may assist you in putting a name to your pain. Visit a Spine Specialist on Long Island for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

    • Axial pain: Axial pain is the most variable type of pain. Not only can it be dull or sharp, but it can be consistent or inconsistent. Axial pain is most often caused by muscle strain and may be treated by both physical therapy and chiropractic care.  Referred pain: Referred pain is often described as dull or achy, and tends to move around in its location and intensity for each patient. This type of pain is often associated with other diseases and conditions. 
    • Radicular pain: Radicular pain is often described as sharp and searing, and tends to follow the path toward peripheral nerve endings. This feeling is frequently accompanied by numbness or weakness. Radicular pain can be caused by inflammation or compression.

    In all cases, a Spine Specialist on Long Island may assist in lessening pain and other negative symptoms associated with back problems.

    How do chiropractors help?

    Chiropractors work through two primary methods of manual therapy to assist with back pain.

    • Spinal Manipulation: Through short spurts of pressure, chiropractors can realign the spine of their patients. This is known as a ‘chiropractic adjustment.’ This type of treatment is capable of improving the functionality of the back by reducing nerve irritability and increasing back mobility.
    • Mobilization: Through low-intensity and slow stretches, chiropractors work to increase the mobility of the back. This is done to improve movement in the muscles and joints.

    Chiropractic treatments have become widely accepted as a standard treatment for back pain due to their painless, non-invasive, and effective results. Contact a Spine Specialist on Long Island today to take your first step toward a pain-free future! 

    Warning Signs Of Spinal Stenosis

    Back-related diseases stimulated by degeneration are always a frightening subject to discuss with your Spine Specialist on Long Island. Regarding spinal stenosis, this condition may be one of the most troublesome. Spinal stenosis is a condition with several adverse side effects but the primary one is the actual narrowing of the spine. Popularized by recently retired New York Mets third baseman David Wright, the complication often shows signs of moderate to severe lower back pain and limited mobility. If you’re worried that you’re at risk for spinal stenosis, contact your local Spine Specialist on Long Island over at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation

    Various Types

    Spinal stenosis is typically classified into two distinct categories: cervical and lumbar. Both variations specifically lay out where exactly the condition is occurring within your back. Your Spine Specialist on Long Island can offer the following details regarding each type of stenosis:  spine specialist on Long Island

    • Cervical Stenosis: This refers to when the condition has begun to develop in the neck area of the patient. Narrowing of the spine will likely be a part of the process.
    • Lumbar Stenosis: This means the stenosis has begun narrowing within the lower part of the spine. Commonly, this condition is the most frequent form of spinal stenosis. 

    Potential Warning Signs

    Commonly, stenosis periodically develops with aging, similar to other degenerative-related conditions. Naturally, arthritis comes hand in hand with degeneration and it has been known as a catalyst for spinal stenosis in some patients. Other likely causes for stenosis can potentially include the following: 

    • Overgrowth: Originally stemming from osteoarthritis, wear and tear damage can trigger the creation of bone spurs within the spine. These spurs grow into the spinal canal itself and may formulate an overgrowth. This bone growth may narrow the spaces needed for nerves within the spine to pass through, leading to the development of conditions such as spinal stenosis. 
    • Ligament Growth: Arthritis may also target the ligaments surrounding the joints, forcing them to increase in size. Similar to bone overgrowth, the ligament’s expansion also decreases the space within the nerves, creating, discomfort. 
    • Injuries: Spinal injuries stimulated by traumatic instances such as car accidents may also damage the spine and create swelling of the nearby tissue. 


    If you’re suffering from spinal stenosis or are worried about your symptoms, contact your local Spine Specialist on Long Island over at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation for further assistance.

    Degenerative Disc Disease

    Unfortunately, the aging process customarily results in an inevitable deterioration of certain functions pertaining to the body and its overall well-being. As the saying goes, father time is undefeated and no one on this earth is immune to growing old.

    Commonly, degenerative disc disease is a spinal-related complication that periodically worsens as one strays toward the path of the elderly. With aging, discs in the back are exposed to wear and tear, thus progressively leading to literal degeneration. If you’re straining through this unpleasant condition, contacting a Spine Specialist on Long Island such as the professionals over at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation is an outstanding resource for getting your back and body feeling comfortable once again. 

    Potential Catalysts

    Like any other degenerative-related condition, the primary culprit of the issue at hand is ordinary aging and wear/tear. However, other stimulants may include the following: 

    • Spine specialist on Long IslandDrying Out: Upon initial construction during birth, the discs within your spine contain a healthy amount of water. But deterioration will systematically cause this water to dissipate, forcing the discs to lose cushion and be highly susceptible to discomfort. The pain occurs from the dried-out discs now being not nearly as impervious to shocks as they were prior. 
    • Lifestyle Necessities: Many of us do not have the convenience to sit down all day and be off our feet. Those of us who are required to work with our hands may be at a higher risk of speeding up the degeneration process. Similarly, athletes may also undergo an increased deterioration due to frequent usage of their back and spine. Actions such as these may also have the potential to create tears along the outside of the discs.
    • Back-Related Injury: Tears along the outer layer of the discs are just one potential back-related injury that can trigger degenerative disc disease. Herniated discs are another common back injury that occurs when the discs slip out of place. Issues such as these will only increase the likelihood of degeneration. 

    Treatment Options

    Back pain of any capacity is an issue that needs to be frequently monitored by a trained professional such as a Spine Specialist on Long Island. Majority of individuals suffer through back pain on a regular basis but several choose to live with it. Instead of making a foolhardy decision to strain yourself, consider the following treatment options:

    • Chiropractic Care: Your Spine Specialist on Long Island is able to fully utilize the benefits of a deep tissue massage to tackle common back pains and aches. Deep tissue massages specifically target herniated discs, helping to alleviate discomfort. 
    • Physical Therapy: Ordinarily regarded as a prime pain management tool, physical therapy can treat the injury and strengthen the lower back to help increase injury prevention. Patients experiencing degenerative disc disease can especially benefit from regular visits, as your physical therapist will be able to constantly monitor the condition for worsening signs. They may also formulate an advanced plan of attack for treatment. 

    Spine Specialist on Long Island

    In order to receive expert care and professional maintenance, reach out to a Spine Specialist on Long Island for further assistance. Contact the office of Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation for an appointment.