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January 15, 2021 Admin

Can Your Footwear Cause Sciatica?

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Many people do not appreciate the effect the shoes we wear can have on the rest of our body. Shoes do more than just fit on your feet. If you are wearing a problematic pair, they can cause problems in your back, such as sciatica. Those looking to avoid this or require treatment should not hesitate to reach out to us here at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation. Our Massapequa chiropractor will teach you how specific shoes can trigger sciatica and how we can help if a flare-up occurs.

What Is Sciatica?  

Sciatica is a painful condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed or irritated. It is often caused by a herniated or bulging disk. However, it can also be triggered by postural issues caused by wearing problematic shoes too often. The most common symptoms that point to this condition include:

  • Mild aches.
  • Sharp pains.
  • Weakness around the lower back.
  • Pain that radiates from your back down your leg.
  • Feeling as if you just suffered an electric shock.

What Roles Do Shoes Play?

Sometimes, it’s okay to wear a pair of shoes that offer style over substance. However, choosing inappropriate footwear too often can spark cases of sciatica. High heels or uncushioned shoes are often the culprits in these cases. When wearing high heels, it is common for your hips to be flexed forward, which can irritate your sciatic nerve. Additionally, uncushioned shoes can take the forces that are usually asserted as you walk back up your legs, causing problems with the sciatic nerve.

Treatment For Sciatica

Fortunately, patients dealing with this issue can find relief when working with our Massapequa chiropractor. By utilizing chiropractic manipulations and adjustments, they can loosen up tight areas and promote a return to natural alignment, allowing tension to be eased of the sciatic nerve. Once this is accomplished, your pain will dissipate, and you can get back to being pain-free.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Massapequa Chiropractor 

Whenever there is an issue with one of your body’s nerves, you cannot wait to seek treatment. Going too long without care can lead to permanent damage. Cutting back on the amount of time you spend wearing high heels or uncushioned shoes is a great place to start dealing with sciatica. However, professional medical attention should also be administered. To get started on the healing process, be sure to contact our Massapequa Chiropractor at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation today.  

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