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The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes plenty of family and friend gatherings. While it’s exciting to get together with all the people in your life, that usually also means wherever you go there will be tons of food. While it’s fun to treat yourself once in a while, the food served during the holidays usually isn’t too healthy. It’s almost impossible to cut out all the unhealthy foods you’ll be consuming over the holidays, but there are ways we can swap in healthier alternatives. Adding healthy additions to the menu this year can be extremely helpful for people who are still recovering from an injury or illness. If you’re visiting an orthopedist in Massapequa, like one at Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation, why not ask if they have any healthy menu suggestions for the holidays?

Healthy tips for the holidays:
Around the holidays we tend to be surrounded by sweet treats and rich meals. While we enjoy them in the moment, doing it more than once can begin to add on those extra pounds. If you’re someone who wants to enjoy the holidays but tries to stay healthy at the same time then we have some ideas for you! Check out the following swaps you can make on your menu this year:

  • Try sipping on flavored tea over hot chocolate
  • Swap out that extra candy on the table for some fruit
  • Try using yogurt-based dips
  • Try chocolate dusted or cinnamon spiced walnuts as a sweet treat
  • Add Hummus to the menu
  • Add low-fat veggies as a side
  • Avoid those extra dinner rolls

Recipes you can try!

If maintaining a healthy diet over the holidays is important to you, then why not ask your doctor for some recipe suggestions? An orthopedist in Massapequa may recommend the following to recipes to help maintain a bone-healthy diet over the holidays:

Don’t let the holidays be a reason you stop eating healthy. There are plenty of ways to make a healthy adjustment to your menu this year. With the help of the internet and an orthopedist in Massapequa, you can work on taking the right steps to eat healthier this holiday season.