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The ability to think calmly and clearly allows you to navigate your daily life. Unfortunately, a migraine can easily disrupt this clarity. Frequent migraine headaches can impact your ability to go about your day, disrupt your sleep, and cause significant pain and discomfort. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation, we utilize chiropractic care to help patients manage their migraines and improve overall wellness. Continue reading to discover how chiropractic care can help manage migraines. 

How To Manage Migraines With Chiropractic Care

The telltale signs of migraine are an intense, pounding headache accompanied by other symptoms like light sensitivity, nausea, and even vomiting. While there is no cure for migraine, several treatments can address the side effects and symptoms, including chiropractic care. Chiropractic care, which involves a combination of spinal manipulation, massage, and active and passive exercises, is often used to manage migraines. Many sufferers of migraines use medications to try and relieve their symptoms, but most of the time, this masks the pain. Routine chiropractic care from Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation can provide patients with a safe and noninvasive alternative to medications. Our chiropractors administer gentle adjustments to reduce misalignments in the spine and other joints to help reduce inflammation and improve function. Improving your spine health and nervous system function enables your body to better manage pain from migraine headaches. Here are some of the ways chiropractic treatment can help migraines:

  • Ensures proper alignment, which can restore nervous system communication. 
  • Decreases nerve irritation.
  • Reduces triggers for migraine headaches such as muscle tension. 
  • Strengthens muscles that support the spine. 
  • Restores blood flow. 
  • Helps patients identify migraine triggers. 

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While chiropractic care is typically associated with back pain relief, it can also be a helpful tool in your migraine management arsenal. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation, our team will implement a multimodal approach to manage your migraines and help you find significant relief. Be sure to contact us today to learn more and request an appointment!