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Back pain can hinder you from completing your normal everyday activities. While there can be several causes of back pain, your occupation can play a critical role. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation, our  Massapequa Chiropractor can help you not only fully understand the causes and nature of your pain but can provide treatment so you can live your life fully.

Work-Related Back Problems

If you are doing heavy lifting, repetitive movements, or even spending most of your day sitting at a desk, this can put a strain on your back. Certain careers, such as nursing, construction, and factory work can especially be harmful to your back if you are not mindful. With help from a Massapequa chiropractor, we can make sure that you understand the potential causes of your back injury. Common causes include:

    • Force – This is relevant in industries that are more physical such as nursing or construction. These injuries occur by exerting too much strain on your back by lifting or moving heavy objects.
    • Repetition – Repeating certain actions, especially those that involve the rotation or twisting of your spine, can lead to injury over time.
    • Inactivity – This is more common for office jobs. Issues due to poor posture or sitting all day in a chair with poor back support can lead to acute or chronic back pain.

Steps To Prevent Injury At Work

  1. Pay Attention – Whether your job requires you to sit or stand during most or all of your shift, you should be cognizant of your posture. Make sure that when standing, you balance your weight evenly on your feet and avoid slouching. When sitting, try to choose a chair that supports your back and adjust the height of your chair so that your feet are flat on the floor.
  2. Lift Correctly – If you are involved in a physically demanding job, make sure you are lifting with your legs and engaging your core muscles when lifting objects. Try not to twist when lifting and if the object is too heavy, do not be afraid to ask for help.
  3. Modify Repetition – If possible, try switching between more physical tasks and less demanding tasks to help alleviate the strain repetition can cause.
  4. Change Positions – If you are sitting for an extended amount of time, change your position to prevent stiffness. Also, try walking around to gently stretch your muscles to relieve the built-up tension in your back.

How Can A Massapequa Chiropractor Help You?

massapequa chiropractor

With help from our chiropractors, Dr. Bruce Silber or Dr. Amanda Kinee, we can help relieve your back pain in order to prevent long-term complications. On average, the likelihood of a person undergoing back surgery if they approach a surgeon first is 42.7%, whereas if that person receives chiropractic care initially, the likelihood is only 1.5%. Chiropractic care can also help eliminate the need for over-the-counter medicine and provide effective treatment for many back pain sufferers. With our hands-on spinal manipulation techniques, our Massapequa chiropractors can ensure your spine is properly aligned. These manipulation techniques will help your body to heal holistically with the decreased need for surgery or other medical interventions.

Contact a Massapequa chiropractor today so we can help you relieve your back pain!