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Importance of Post Surgical Rehabilitation – Massapequa Chiropractor

The period of recovery after surgery is termed post-surgical rehabilitation. This period is critical because it is the key to long-term recovery and health. Finding an experienced rehabilitation specialist can aid in fast recovery, enhanced performance, and a decrease in future injuries. If you are currently recovering from a surgical procedure, contact our pain management doctor in Massapequa!   

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Pain  

Post-surgical pain creates a significant issue for both patients and healthcare providers. Insufficient pain management can lead to delayed rehabilitation. If you have any questions about post-surgical pain, contact our pain management doctor in Massapequa for more information.

Pain Management   

Pain management after an operation can be tricky. Luckily, there are many options for how to handle your pain. First and foremost, it’s important to look at the different kinds of pain you might feel.  

  • Muscle Pain
  • Movement Pain

Once you identify your pain, you can begin looking for pain management options such as:

  • Non-Opioid Medications: This includes medications such as Tylenol are useful in treating mild pain. There are very few side effects when taken in small doses over a short period.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is a safe and natural way to get your muscles and joints moving again after surgery. The goal for physical therapy is to aid in gaining back strength and motion by relieving pressure on muscles and joints.  
  • Opioids: Drugs such as Percocet and Vicodin can help reduce cases of extreme pain. These drugs are more effective at treating pain but restrict your daily activities for safety concerns. Continued use can lead to severe problems such as addiction and liver failure. Our pain management physician will determine the best option for both your pain needs and safety.

If you are looking to learn more about post-surgical treatment options, our multidisciplinary practice can help you! Call our pain management doctor in Massapequa to schedule an appointment at 516-541-1064.   

How Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation Can Help

Post-surgical pain is common. Many people believe that the only option for pain relief is medication, but there are multiple safe and natural alternatives. At Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation, we use every recovery option possible so that you can feel better faster. Our individualized rehabilitation plans are made personalized to treat your specific pain. Contact our pain management doctor in Massapequa to begin your treatment today!