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September 6, 2021 Admin

Can Poor Posture Cause Chronic Back Pain?

All of us are guilty of sitting incorrectly or slouching at times, and many of us do so unconsciously. If you’re feeling a strain on your neck or dealing with back pain, poor posture could be the key culprit. Whether you lead a highly active or relaxed lifestyle, you can experience several benefits from correcting your posture. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation, our team can show you how to improve your posture and strengthen your spine to prevent further pain and health problems down the line. With September being Pain Awareness Month, poor posture is an important topic for discussion. Continue reading for more information!

What is Poor Posture?

The spine is the foundational structure in the body that supports your neck and head. The term posture refers to the way that you hold your body. Dynamic posture is how you hold your body while moving, and static posture refers to your body’s positioning when standing still, sitting, or sleeping. You may experience pain in different or multiple areas of your back, depending on your posture. Slouching in your chair might not cause nagging back pain, but sitting in this position for extended periods of time can increase tension and strain on your muscles. To determine the source of your pain and how to combat it, it’s crucial that you recognize poor posture. Some of the signs of poor posture may include:

  • Anterior pelvic tilt. 
  • Standing with dropped or rounded shoulders. 
  • Bent knees when walking or standing. 
  • Forward head position. 
  • Sitting or standing with a hunched back. 
  • Pain in the joints

If you don’t intervene, improper posture can lead to several long-term back and neck problems. Poor posture can alter the shape of your spine, causing misalignment and pain. Our team can help you identify the cause of your poor posture and show you how to correct it to relieve pain. 

Correcting Bad Posture

Fixing your posture can be a challenging undertaking but will make all the difference in your comfort and overall health. Our team can help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your posture. Proper ergonomics and strengthening exercises can help you reduce stress on your spine and improve your pain symptoms

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