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Some people go through life with poor posture and face no issues. However, others are not so lucky. There are times when having poor posture can lead to copious amounts of pain, disturbing one’s quality of life. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation, we don’t want to see this happen to you. Our team can help ease your symptoms so that you can get back to living a pain-free life.

How Can Poor Posture Affect You?

As previously mentioned, having a poor posture is nothing more than an aesthetic issue for some people. For many others, poor posture has a direct impact on their quality of life. Neck and back pain are the most common issues reported from patients living with a poor posture. Fortunately, our team at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation can work towards correcting this problem.

What Leads To Poor Posture?

There are no shortages of things that can lead to one developing a poor posture. Our team hopes that by sharing them with you, you may be able to avoid problems in the future. The most common causes of poor posture include:

  • Slouching and slumping in your office chair.
  • Trying to work on your laptop while sitting in bed.
  • Bending your back to lift heavy objects off the floor.
  • Keeping weight concentrated on one leg when standing.
  • Continuously walking in a hunched manner.

How Our Team Can Help

Just as different things can lead to poor posture development, there are also various treatment methods our team can utilize to help. Before moving forward with anything, our team will perform a full evaluation of your condition to determine what will work best for you. Once completed, any of the below may be used to correct your posture and eliminate pain:

  • Physical therapy.
  • Orthopedic care.
  • Chiropractic care.
  • In extreme cases, spinal surgery.

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Those living with a poor posture should not feel as if there is nothing they can do to fix the problem. Our expert staff at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation is here to work with you to ensure that both your posture and quality of life are greatly improved. To learn more about how we can help with your postural problems, please be sure to contact us today!