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Therapeutic Exercises

While there are a variety of different therapeutic exercises to choose from, they all have the same end-goal, to restore the patient back to their full potential. Due to the number of options, each individual is able to receive specific exercise instruction tailored to their needs. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Massapequa can assess and provide you with therapeutic exercises that can aid your injury recovery and get you back to healthy living. 

Types of Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are typically focused on the following:

  • Strengthening These exercises are recommended after an accident or injury to help improve muscle strength.
  • Building Endurance – The main focus of these exercises is to engage the large muscle groups in your body.
  • Improving Flexibility – These can benefit patients who have lost partial mobility in their arms or legs.
  • Maintaining Balance and Coordination – The main focus of these exercises include maintaining your center of gravity, improve your balance, and improve coordination. Patients who have lost coordination can also be retaught the ability.

These exercises are used to first stop any pain and inflammation you may be experiencing. After this is completed, the exercises will then attempt to help restore your range of motion, strength, endurance, and optimize your health and well being. If you are wondering which therapeutic exercises can best benefit you, visit a chiropractor in Massapequa for recommendations.

How do they help?

A chiropractor in Massapequa may suggest therapeutic exercises for any of the following issues

  • Unrelenting pain.
  • Injuries that require surgery (if therapeutic exercises can be an alternative).
  • Mobility issues.
  • Poor balance and coordination.
  • Heart and lung disease.
  • Age-related complications. 

How can a Chiropractor in Massapequa help?

When it comes to therapeutic exercises, there are multiple methods to select. Whether it’s an aerobic or endurance-based conditioning program or soft tissue stretching, there is something for everyone. This is why many physicians suggest this noninvasive treatment method when it comes to an injury or condition. Most chiropractors or physical therapists will suggest this form of treatment if your diagnosis indicates any of the following aspects: 

  • Increase your postural control. 
  • Increase sensory awareness. 
  • Help prevent future impairments. 
  • You have limitations when it comes to certain activities.
  • You want to reduce the symptoms of other injuries or conditions.
  • You need to increase your muscle strength. 
  • You need to enhance physical performance. 
  • You need to work on your breathing.

If you are interested in learning more about therapeutic exercises, look no further! There is both a physical therapist and chiropractor in Massapequa at Massapequa Pain Management that can help! To schedule an appointment, visit our website.

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