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Laminectomy Procedure

Living with back pain can be an excruciating debilitation for anyone to manage. Not to mention, being unable to find relief, even after various forms of treatment, may only make matters worse. Are you looking to potentially eliminate your pain once and for all? Here at Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation, we are prepared to help give you the relief you desire. To do so, our orthopedist in Massapequa may opt to perform a laminectomy, a common spinal surgery that works to help relieve any back pain you may be experiencing. Below, you will find everything you need to know about this procedure and how we can help you today!       

What Is A Laminectomy?

Though you may be hesitant about undergoing a laminectomy, this procedure is one of the most commonly performed spinal surgeries. The procedure is performed to relieve compression of your spinal cord, often caused by bony overgrowths. As the spinal cord becomes compressed, there is pressure placed on the nerves, often causing pain, numbness, and/or weakness.

During The Procedure

When undergoing a laminectomy, you may either be put to sleep using general anesthesia or remain awake under spinal anesthesia. Your orthopedic surgeon will make a small incision in the middle of your back or neck, moving your skin, muscles, and ligaments to get a better view of the spine. Once this is achieved, your lamina bones, bone spurs, and disc fractures will be removed before the incision is stitched up. The total length of the procedure is commonly between one and three hours (always pending). 

Following The Procedure:

Although some people will go home following a laminectomy, most are admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay. Experiencing back pain after the procedure is completely normal, and you may be prescribed pain medication to help manage it depending on your level of discomfort. Steps you’ll need to take to ensure a smooth recovery after your laminectomy will likely include:

  • Avoiding strenuous activities such as heavy lifting.
  • Taking extra care when climbing stairs.
  • Increasing physical activity at a gradual pace.

Physical therapy may also be necessary following the surgery to help you regain full strength and range of motion. Our orthopedist in Massapequa will work to implement a specialized plan for rehabilitation that works for you! What makes our practice unique is that we offer several facets of pain management, including physical therapy and orthopedic care. 

Contact Us Today!

At Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation, we are a multi-disciplinary facility that offers various treatment options for many different conditions and pains. Should spinal surgery be in your future, our team will be there for you every step of the way.  We have an orthopedist in Massapequa that can work with you both before and after surgery to ensure successful rehabilitation. Contact us today to discover how we can help you through a laminectomy and beyond!

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