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Do You Have TATT Syndrome?

Tired All the Time Syndrome (commonly referred to as TATT syndrome) is a mixture of different symptoms that lead to the development of chronic fatigue. For most patients, symptoms can include feeling sleepy/tired, lack of energy to do work, poor concentration, diminished ability to make decisions and feeling sad without any specific trigger or cause. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Massapequa that can help treat these symptoms, visit us at Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation. We offer chiropractic care, physical therapy, and even orthopedic services that will help you retain your energy and feel good as new!

Symptoms of TATT Syndrome

TATT syndrome typically revolves around common symptoms that most hard-working individuals tend to experience. Consider the following when evaluating your present state of mind:

Emotional instability.
Weight loss.
Chronic fatigue.
Irregular sleeping & waking routine, typically lasting for at least two months.

Risk Factors for TATT Syndrome

While it’s perfectly reasonable to feel fatigued from natural occurrences, TATT syndrome can put you at risk for potentially worsening conditions. Some of these future complications can include the following:

Sleep apnea.

Management of TATT Syndrome

Fortunately, managing conditions such as TATT syndrome can be made easier through regular maintenance and the assistance of outside beneficiaries. For treatment of TATT syndrome, review the following information:

  • Rule out a treatable medical condition by visiting your chiropractor in Massapequa for a full physical exam and appropriate evaluations.
  • Make sleep your priority – balancing contemporary family and work-life is a challenge for many people and focusing on a full night’s rest is vital in restoring your energy.
  • Fuel yourself with proper nutrition, including a balanced diet, focused on vegetables, fruits, and protein.
  • Don’t let dehydration keep you tired – remember to stay hydrated throughout the day with plenty of water. Try to limit sugar or caffeine from fluids such as coffee or sodas.
  • Get into a strict workout regimen – work with a professional to get yourself a standard routine, boost your energy levels, and acquire education/advice on how to cope with your fatigue.
  • De-stress yourself – the key to managing TATT syndrome is to limit stressful situations and focusing on bettering yourself. It will help to have a good family and friend support system to help you recover fully.

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The specific management of TATT syndrome can vary on a case-by-case basis. At Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation we offer state-of-the-art training and equipment to help formulate your recovery from extreme fatigue. We also have physician services to ensure the cause of your fatigue is being addressed appropriately. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Massapequa, contact us today for your initial appointment and come find out more about how our services can help you!

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